Virtual Guard Monitoring Services


Our Virtual Guard monitoring service combines high-resolution camera technology, a secure network and  integrated software to provide you with the most advanced security capabilities.

  • Walk-Through Patrols:  enables operators to conduct a virtual walk-through of your site using a pre-defined sequence of camera views. Walk-through patrols are a cost saving alternative to physical guards.

  • Multi-View Patrols: allows operators to monitor multiple areas from multiple cameras, at the same time, through one intuitive split-screen display. Multi-view is a cost-effective way to patrol sites with a large number of areas and ensures operators don’t miss any activity when patrolling many camera views.

  • Pre-Scheduled Patrols: Virtual patrols can be conducted at regular and timed intervals on an hourly, daily or weekly basis depending on your specific requirements. Pre-scheduled patrols are perfect for sites that require regular or after-hours patrols or when physical guards are not on site. 

  • Alarm Response Patrols: Alarm response patrols are conducted in the event of movement detection and are useful for verifying the authenticity of alarms at the time of the event, rather than waiting for a guard to arrive.

Digital Access Control

Operators can grant remote access to authorized personnel after identifying and communicating with them via our cameras. This feature is perfect for sites that have after-hours staff, cleaning crews and delivery trucks. 

  • See all access details for patrols for each site and camera

  • See the length of each patrol or camera access

  • See the data usage for each patrol or camera access

  • Automatically Log All Traffic

  • Control Employee Access Points

  • View Visitor From Mobile Device



Secure Cloud-Based Servers

Our Secure Cloud-Based Servers are the perfect alternative to expensive in-house servers. All of your security camera footage and data instantly stored and readily accessible.

  • Remote Access
  • Service Additional Locations
  • Integrated Software Program
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Unlimited Video Storage
  • No Maintenance Required