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Firearms owners ID card Illinois

Firearms owners ID card Illinois

Illinois residents who wish to own a firearm should apply for the Firearms Owners Identification Card. The Illinois State Police is the only provider of these cards. Owning a FOID does not give you a right to carry a concealed weapon. The Illinois State requires that you obtain a license to get the full rights.

What is the importance of a FOID?

It is very efficient in keeping an official catalog of all gun owners in the state. Law-abiding citizens who wish to own a firearm are subject to taxation. The setup ensures that candidates have a firm adherence to all conditions of the second amendment rights.

The state of Illinois launched FOID cards in 1968. One must submit their FOID card to an authorized gun seller before making a successful gun purchase.

How to apply for a Firearms Owners ID Card in Illinois

Visit the Illinois State Police official site to submit your details. Alternatively, call the station on +1 217 782 7980 to make an application. The process costs $10. The police department will mail you documents requiring your history, a recent photograph, and signature. Send the completed forms to the Firearms Service Bureau for approval.

The Midwest Guns and Range shop assists in the application of FOID cards between 3 and 5 p.m on Saturdays. We do not charge on the application procedure. You will cater to the payment of processing a FOID card with $11. Changing the name or address on a previous FOID card costs $6. Call our offices before visiting, so that we can verify the state of the application portal.

Documents required in a FOID application

Who is eligible for the FOID card?

All law-abiding citizens are eligible for the card. The Illinois State and police force, however, restricts specific individuals from obtaining the number. The limitations are only meant to protect the individual and society. The following are some of the groups of people who cannot get a Firearms Owners ID card in Illinois.

The law will revoke the rights to have a FOID once you do not meet the qualification criteria.

Can you appeal to require a FOID card?

The petitioner should convince the law that they will likely not act in a harmful way to society. The court of law has to be confident that granting the rights to repossess a FOID would not put the public in danger. Removing the state limitations will, however, not protect one from federal prosecution. According to federal law, the granted FOID card will not serve as a right to own and carry a concealed firearm.

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Firearms owners ID card Illinois
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Firearms owners ID card Illinois
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