Live Video Monitoring and Managed Access Systems
SecuCast offers a robust portfolio of security solutions to meet the unique requirements of your home or business. From high-resolution live video monitoring and perimeter protection to managed access door control systems and cloud-based servers with unlimited data storage, we provide everything you need to ensure the safety of your valuable assets.

Proactive Live Video Monitoring

Our Virtual Guard monitoring service is one of the most advanced security solutions on the market, utilizing high-resolution camera technology, a secure cloud-based network and integrated software to “patrol” your site and provide 24-hour protection against internal and external threats.
Walk-Through Patrols
Conduct a virtual walk-through of your site using a pre-defined sequence of camera views. Walk-through patrols are a cost-saving alternative to physical guards.
Multi-View Patrols
Monitor multiple areas of your site from multiple cameras simultaneously via an intuitive split-screen display. The Multi-View Patrol is a cost-effective means of monitoring several areas at once without potentially missing any threatening activity.
Alarm Response Patrols
Based on movement detection, these patrols are useful for verifying the authenticity of alarms at the time of the event, rather than waiting for a guard to arrive (or wasting the time and resources on a false alarm).
Pre-Scheduled Patrols
Configure your patrols at regular and timed intervals (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly), depending on when you determine a specific need (after hours, for example).
Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection is a crucial method of preventing damage or crime; intruders can’t steal or vandalize anything within your property if they can’t get on your property in the first place. Using advanced sound, motion and heat detection technology, our perimeter protection systems will trigger an alert the instant something unusual is detected, allowing you to determine if a threat exists - and stop it before it occurs.
Managed Access Control

SecuCast’s managed access solutions let you exercise complete control over entry to any area of your premises – without the logistical hassle and associated expense of maintaining software and data. Traditional door keys can easily be lost or stolen, creating an immediate security risk. Our access door control systems do away with the need for standard keys, replacing them with more cost-effective key cards or fobs, which can be re-credentialed or canceled with ease via our cloud-based access control software. Thanks to our sophisticated facial recognition technology, you can communicate with personnel and grant access directly from your smartphone or tablet – an ideal feature for sites that have employ after-hours staff or receive frequent deliveries.

Our managed access control systems offer the following benefits:
- The ability to see all access details for each site
- Automatic logs of all traffic
- Control of employee access points
- The ability to view visitors from mobile devices
- The capability to allow or deny access remotely
- Digital ID system integration
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